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Two Moons ft. Geyser

Midori (debut single off Midorisuki coming 2019)

Reflect ft. Natalie Foster


JAMATAR is a electronic force of hyper Gameboy dance and hypnotic retro visuals. He has wowed audiences across the world with his explosive, energetic shows and stunning live production.

JAMATAR's newest release, his third EP "Midorisuki" is another step into the fusion of chiptune and EDM.

"My only goal is to bring joy through music and light. Midorisuki is about celebrating this freedom of expression. I want to take you on an adventure across space and time :D"

JAMATAR's EP “Journeys”, scored high praise from chiptune and broader EDM reviewers alike for creating an uplifting musical experience that both celebrates and transcends the classic 8-bit genre.

Wielding his childhood Gameboy Color backed with fully crafted 8bit-esque visual show, JAMATAR’s live performance is already amounting a fast reputation for one hell of a party and his future shows are not to be missed. JAMATAR has appeared in the festival lineups of Square Sounds, Pixel Sounds, Hyperwave, NYE on the Hill and The Hills are Alive.

"One foot in the future and one in the past. It sounds like Tycho's made the soundtrack for an early '90s video game." - Dom Alessio, Triple J

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email: hello@jamatar.com

booking: Vienna Bradley - Raida Artists